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Based on a 2018 Poll conducted by WebMd of 1300+ adults “... 44 percent had not gone to the doctor when they were sick or injured within the past year, and 40 percent had skipped a suggested medical test or treatment because of the expense.” 1

The primary reason is because an average consumer does not understand their medical bills, yet the consumer makes the payment each month, just so that they can maintain their medical coverage (and credit score).

Easicheck knows your pain and also knows that,

  • Healthcare system is inherently complicated
  • Medical bills are confusing and prone to errors
  • Pricing of the medical services are not standardized

Easicheck is empowered with expertise & technology to tackle these bills for you and save you both time and money. Easicheck uses its proprietary technology to

  • Review your medical bills and ensure your doctor is billing you for only the services performed
  • Review your current insurance benefits and ensure your insurance is paying for all the benefits you’ve subscribed for

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Let’s make Healthcare Easier for you!