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As per Patient Safety Network (PSNet) at least 5% of procedures performed are done in error. These errors result in:

  • Adverse effect on patient health.
  • Legal implications for the medical practice.
  • Possible revenue is lost by the practice as well

Easicheck ensures data integrity from the Order to Claim creation. The 2 functionalities:

  • Easicheck Early (Loss Prevention)- Check Auth details on the patient check in on the date of service (DOS).
  • Easicheck Clean (Clean claims)- Check details from order to claim.


  • Easicheck handles almost a dozen of such discrepancies.
  • Prevents unnecessary procedures (even imaging or DME) which may be passed on to patients who are already burdened with high healthcare costs.
  • More than 1 FTE would be required to take care of these discrepancies but Easicheck offers this for a fraction of the cost.